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At Combrinum we take care of the paperwork,
so that you can take care of the patients.

It’s like having an in-house practice manager on board, but without the burden of a full time employee. We know that not all practices have access to, nor have the need for full time financial expertise. But we also know that the cost of getting it wrong, can be very expensive in terms of time and money.

We provide all services you would expect from an accounting firm, but tailored to the medical profession.

• Compile management reports for monthly discussion
• Ensure up-to-date accounting records on a monthly basis
• Prepare annual financial statements for submission to SARS and /or banks
• Reconcile critical accounts to ensure accuracy (monthly/annually)
• Prepare budgets and forecasts for pro-active decision making
• Monitor actual figures against budgeted
• Cash flow analysis
• Compile asset register (relevant for tax and insurance purposes)
• Petty cash management

Tax planning is much more than simply finding tax deductions. We will do whatever we legally can to reduce your tax burden.

• Tax planning relevant to the industry
• Prepare and file income tax returns
• Prepare and file provisional tax returns
• Prepare and file VAT returns
• Prepare and file employees tax returns
• SARS query representation
• SARS audit representation
• Tax registrations (Income Tax, VAT, PAYE)

We know that active debtors management ensures a sound financial practice.

• Develop and implement collection policies
• Reconcile patient billing with payments received
• Monitor and manage debtors trends (age analysis, collection periods)
• Reconcile debtors system with financial statements
• Identify potential risk areas for pro-active steps
• Monitor and manage bad debts

Staff management and compliance with labour law is a burden we can alleviate.

• Draft employment contracts
• Maintain individual staff records for employees
• Maintain individual leave records for employees
• Electronic calculation and administration of salaries according to SARS requirements
• Processing and printing of monthly payslips
• Payment of salaries
• Payment of PAYE, UIF and SDL to SARS
• Submission of IRP5-reconciliations to SARS
• Submission of Return of Earnings to the Compensation Commissioner

Certain business decisions will cross your path in the years to come and with our experience we can assist.

• Management of insurance policies (Short term and life)
• Effective estate planning
• Effective succession planning
• Negotiate financing terms with banks
• Financial advice for start-up practices

Through our experience we know that the management of expenses start with proper supplier management.

• Obtain competitive quotes from suppliers
• Processing of supplier invoices
• Reconcile invoices captured to supplier statements to ensure accurate payments
• Payment of suppliers

We focus on the medical profession exclusively.

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